銀色靈修讓愛流暢(英文版)/Senior Devotion Let the Love Flow
Dr. Eileen Y . Lin


The articles included in the book are gleaned from those twelve years spent on caring for my mother, who suffered from dementia, and the interactions between my loved ones. They are deeply personal, and, in the process, I had not expressly studied scientific data to back up my experiences. More than one hundred causes have been identified to bring about dementia. Each one of the causes is unique and every dementia case is manifested differently, resulting from different and complex considerations. The descriptions of my mother’s dementia experience are not inclusive of all the dementia patients. This book is not a publication dedicated to cognitive impairment; rather, it’s an exploration of life’s many chapters. Furthermore, this book is dedicated to those who are headed toward old age, or senior citizens now enjoying their golden years. Secondly,
the book seeks to acknowledge the caregivers of dementia sufferers: it’s hoped that the caregivers find comfort and hope in the text and narrative presented here, and that they’d build a spiritual, true-self connection with those they care for. Many publications can be found in the bookstores nowadays addressing dementia and the care methods accordingly. To that end, I’m particularly indebted to Dr. Wen-Chuin Hsu, Secretary-General LiYu Tang, Rui-zhi Mission and other similar organizations both in the public and private sectors, whose collective effort to raise awareness for the care of the cognitively-impaired has yielded remarkable results. Praise be to God! Caring for senior citizens is a long, strenuous journey. This book does not get into any geriatric manifestations because, the same manifestation of a specific case of dementia might be triggered by different causes, per the individual’s background. I pray that the experience shared in this book can be used by God, that my readers would be inspired by these stories to overcome any challenge they may encounter, to an extent that the reversal of dementia is made possible.
Again, supportive care for those with dementia is extremely personal. The manifestation of cognitive symptoms is heavily connected to the patient’s past experience. Therefore, the caregiving process for the elderly patient with dementia must be customized for the individual’s temperament and character, much like the caregiving process for individual infants.
Dr. Eileen Y. Lin, born in 1960.Doctor of Theology major in Pastoral Counseling graduated from The Methodist Graduate School of Theology, Taiwan. She is the Supervisor of Taiwan Association of Soulhome Spiritual Counseling and Taiwan Association of Pastoral Counseling, Former President of The Methodist Graduate School of Theology, Former President of Taiwan Association of Pastoral Counseling, The Inventor of Trinity-Archetypal Counseling, an Orthodontist.
Part 1 A Journey into Eternity in Christ
Unit 1. Created for Christ, and Born for Eternity—35
1. Born for Eternity—37
2. Accomplishing the Call to Stewardship—58
3. Though Outwardly We Are Wasting Away, Yet Inwardly We Are Being Renewed Day by Day—89
4. According to What One Has, Not According to What One Does Not Have—123
5. Word Incarnated to Connect with Our Soul—130
6. Emmanuel for the Healing of Our Soul—142
7. Eternal Life is a Gift from the Lord—155
Observation: Every Communication Encounter is a Miracle—172
Unit 2. The Season of Advanced Years—175
8. The Season of Royal Dignity - A Biblical Perspective on Aging—176
9. The Season of Harvest – Mission of the Aged from a Biblical Perspective—185
10. The Return to Innocence – The Soul Regresses and the Spirit Flourishes as We Reflect on Life—192
Observation: Encumbered No More—204
Unit 3. The Insert of Life—210
11. The Dynamic between the Body, the Heart and the Spirit—211
12. Spiritual Strengths Transcend Any Physical Impairments—225
13. Interaction of the Spirit—230
Observation: Every Encounter is a Historical Rewrite—235
Part 2 Advanced Years of Glory
Unit 4. Lord Jesus’s Glory Shining Through—245
14. Connecting with Others in Eden-like Ambience—245
15. Connecting with Ourselves and the Lord in Seed Archetype—265
16. Connecting with Christ and Looking to Jesus When Post-Archetypal Judgment and Ignorance Sets In—289
Observation: Connected by Good Intentions, United through Respect for Perspective and Professional Differences—313
17. The Fullness of Our Calling in the Triune Growth Archetype—318
18. TAC-inspired Care Tips for Patients with Dementia—323
19. Caregiver—336
20. Senior Devotion: Let the Love Flow—354
Testimony: Dad Always—384
Appendix: Evergreen Cell Group at Soul Home—388
“Love never fails.” (1 Corinthians 13:8)
Even when all the outward expressions cease, and even though I no longer recognize you, you are still near and dear to my heart, because this love does not come from the flesh, nor is it rooted in my cognitive awareness; rather, it comes from the Lord God of eternity: this love never perishes in my innermost sanctum.
The hippocampus area in the brain of dementia sufferer might be damaged, but the love in the spirit does not fade. Love inside him or her has blossomed, instead of becoming diminished. This is because the banalities of the world become inconsequential when one is confronted with mental deterioration. However, the love and emotions are growing strong, roiling and raging. I pray that the love inside every senior citizen flows freely under the wise guidance of the Holy Spirit!
A lot can be achieved by family members of dementia patients. Pay closer attention when spending time with them: patients with cognitive impairment are like children sometimes, who cannot really articulate their thoughts and needs all that well. Their condition is constantly evolving. Now, whereas children grow to be more independent and self-sufficient, older adults with dementia are becoming needier over time.
Elderly dementia patients do not need to invest time and energy in bustling about: they now have plenty of time on their hands. They have no use for the defense mechanism they needed in their youth to preserve themselves against what the world has to dish out. They can now luxuriate in their golden years. They don’t need to bother with verbal filters.
Even though they might attempt to cover up certain slips in their bouts of forgetfulness, those moments can be easy enough to detect. The love between dementia patients and their loved ones is just as profound as ever, and I’m speaking from my personal experience.
To better care for Mom after she came down with dementia, I made sure to budget more time with her and those moments were delightful: she’d tell me things she kept bottled up – things she’d not tell me otherwise. In the process, I got to know my mom better. The connection between our hearts grew stronger. My childhood longing for her love and attention was thus beautifully met.
The pathway to health for all of us, is to follow the archetype that the Lord God designed for man. I am convinced that as long as we follow the Sabbatical and the Sabbath Year prescribed by the Lord, the number of dementia patients would drop significantly, because that God-given archetype compels us to keep different brain regions properly activated.
I’m well-aware that I need to take a Sabbath Year, but it has been impossible to insert that into my schedule. I had hoped to have a break after finishing Senior Devotion: Let the Love Flow, slow my work pace down and devote myself to being an orthodontist.
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